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3 Easy Steps to Make Your Backyard Project a Reality


Professional Landscape design is the first step of the journey towards building a backyard oasis you can relax and find solace in... Here at M&C Landscaping, Inc., we believe that quality design is what comes after our client shares their perfect vision for their personal backyard living area. If you need an expert landscape design in Charlotte, NC, contact M&C!
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The ability to Install a landscape properly is what truly sets the rookies apart from the real professionals in the landscaping industry. This is where the first brush is cleared and the first stones are laid. If you don’t get it just right with the installation. your project definitely won’t look nearly as good, function as well, or last as long as it could. 
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The one thing you can be sure about is that even though man may win some battles, mother nature will win the war every time. Be proactive in your alliance with the wind and the rain. Preparing for the elements with sound design and expert installation is very important, but so is maintaining your perfect paradise with effective & timely maintenance.
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M&C Landscaping - Your one-stop-shop for all of your landscaping needs!

Congratulations! You’ve found the most respected, trusted, and honest landscaping company in the Lake Norman area.  There is a reason that other landscapers refer us to their friends and family when they’ve been asked to do a job that is too big, too complex, or just too work-intensive for their schedule. We are Charlotte North Carolina’s first choice for quality landscape design, installation and maintenance and we’d be honored to be your first choice too.

Making your vision become a reality starts with these three simple steps. First, we’ll schedule an initial consultation time where we meet with you in person to take a walk through your yard. We’ll get to know you and your family and understand what your definition of success looks like. Then, we’ll create a custom quote for your project that will include all the elements you defined as important with some of our experience sprinkled in to help save you time and headache later (example: we may recommend certain plants or pavers based on your yard’s unique soil, elevation and sunlight setup as well as the overall look of the finished design.) And finally, you’ll sign off on our design and timeline, submit your down-payment, and we’ll schedule your project on the calendar.

*** Please note that if your decision takes longer than 90 days, we may need to revise our gameplan depending on the cost of materials and labor etc.